Totally Beachin'

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Good morning y'all! It's a chilly one here in SoCal (aka low 60s) and I'm loving every second of it. Can't wait to throw on a cozy sweater and brave the day with some strong coffee in hand! I've been so excited to share this look because it was my first time shooting on a west coast beach. I'm always amazed at how beautiful LA county is and how lucky I am to live here for the moment.

It's only Tuesday, so we can still talk weekend. My boyfriend visited me from Indiana for the FIRST time since I've moved here! We hadn't seen each other since JuneNeedless to say I was as giddy as a little girl in an American Girl store. Long distance is so so hard, but it makes your time together even more special (maybe I'll do a post on this soon!). We squeezed in some fun adventure time, but definitely made sure to kick it by the pool all day and watch cheesy TV shows. 

With the SoCal lifestyle on my mind I have really been feeling easy-going, beachy styles. I adore this maxi skirt as a statement piece and it is so easy to work with. Unfortunately this one from Free People is sold out, but really simple to recreate with some of my favorite maxi's below! I love the contrast of stark white with all the buzz going on in the skirt. My little number on top is cross-fire cami from FP,  it is my go-to layering piece under big sweaters or tucked into jeans. And it's only $30!!

I've always been a gold jewelry kinda girl, although silver strikes my fancy on occasion. I just love the warm tones in gold and how it nearly glows. This amazing horn cuff is by Anita K Jewelry. Anita's jewelry is the perfect mix of bohemian and minimal - you definitely want to check her site out!

Decor Dreamin

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I have a major love for interior design. I think it all started when I was little... I would spend hours on the computer playing Sims (omg throwback) & decorating my houses endlessly until they were perfect. I gradually upgraded to stealing my mom's glamorous issues of Elle Decor as soon as they arrived & the rest is history.

As a recent graduate, it can definitely be hard to make your dream home a reality when you're young, broke & renting. I make do with rad Goodwill finds, Target's clearance section, my Anthropologie discount & a little imagination. I was so psyched when I scored this chair at Goodwill for $8! Holla! 

I would describe my home decor style as warm, bohemian, minimal & elevated. Here's a little bit of my inspiration I have in mind while Martha & I are decorating our new LA apartment! + Be on the lookout for some DIYs as we start to fill our apartment with handmade lovelies.

On the Fringe

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I've been thinking a lot about how I present myself in this day and age of style blogging. Today there are thousands of bloggers. Plenty of us present very similar content, content that is perfected to a T. Let's think about this... a flawless Instagram feed (no one's life is that picture perfect), a flat lay that took 75 takes before getting the Insta-worthy one, heels (you know we don't really wear those things all day), a full face of makeup... the list goes on and on. What I'm getting at is, at what point do we lose our spark and fall into this trap of perfection?

My favorite bloggers are the ones who let their personality fly freely! They share their flaws and silly moments of their day, but still put out great content. We love them because they create a more personal connection with us by being themselves. 

With that, I wanted to share a look that is "me" and something I would wear any day of the week. I like to stick to shorts and T's for everyday wear. I've invested in two pairs of One Teaspoon shorts this summer and I seriously live in them now. They are so comfortable and work great for my body type. secret: I love silly sweatshirt tops like this - I always feel silly spending money on them, but end up wearing them all the time. I like this one because it has the fringe detail, which makes my outfit look more put together. For everyday, I like to dress up these simple looks with easy accessories like this Vans hat (also great for covering greasy hair, haaaah).

More easy, everyday looks like this one are more to come!

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Fall Into Floral

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Cue reality! Now that our last holiday weekend of summer has officially wrapped, I've got fall on my mind. I read something on the Salty Blonde's Instagram the other day that was pretty funny, "But how many times are we going to see and hear the word 'transition' over the next month? #transitioningintomotherfuckingfall." You know what, she's right! All us style bloggers are guilty of doing the basic "transition" post.  

This is going to be my first fall in Los Angeles - I keep catching myself asking natives, "does the weather really change for fall?" or "when is it going to start cooling down?". It's weird because all the retail stores are transitioning (there's the word) into fall color schemes. I work at Free People and we are currently carrying all kinds of leather jackets, sweaters and boots. But it is still often in the 90s, and from what I hear the lowest it gets here in the fall and winter months is about 60º. So, my point, are we really going to be wearing all this stuff or is it just a façade?

I'm excited for what's to come of fall, but I want to soak up the final moments of summer with this little number. Guess what? It's only $24.90 from Forever 21I have been loving flirty floral prints, like this one, all summer. Actually, my friend and I realized I wore a similar floral for the first 3 or 4 times we went out here in the city (HA, guess I do really like them). I just might have to "transition" them into the new season. 

What I will miss about summer
1. Beach events like the Vans Surf Open and Long Beach Dew Tour
2. Wearing a swimsuit under my clothes
3. Endless music festivals (even if I don't attend, it's still fun to see photos/video)
4. Everyone's leisurely state of mind
5. Shades of ivory and bright colors in stores
6. Peaches
7. Beach days
8. Pool parties

Why I'm excited for fall
1. To go home and see my family for the holidays!
2. More chilly LA nights
3. Sweater weather
4. TV shows coming back on (hopefully HBO's The Leftovers!!)
Fashion Week - starting September 8th!
6. Post-Halloween candy sales
7. My boyfriend is visiting in October!!!
8. Wearing accessories like scarves & hats 

Photography by @the.photographr | website