Hi there!

We are Martha + Lyuda, a BFF blogger duo with Midwest roots - currently living out our wildest dreams in sunny Los Angeles. After becoming friends in 7th grade math class, we have been besties ever since (that's 10 years, folks). We were (and still are) those freaks who would dress up just to take photos after school. From ramp tramps to college graduates, we always keep it 100. In 2013 - as we entered our sophomore year studying Fashion at Indiana University, a lightbulb popped over our heads. We had a furious passion to become boss ass bitches, which led us to start a blog! It was a perfect way of sharing our self-expression, individually and collaboratively - and here we are today. 
Who knows what's next?! ;)

Our friendship consists of... calling each other "holmes" on the daily, balancing each other out, binge watching Shameless, Vietnamese cravings, exploring LA, accidental "engagement" photoshoots, listening to old school Gucci Mane, lots of laughter, playing the air piano, Costco's ready-to-drink margaritas, Poshmark hunting. You get the gist. 

We're weird and proud. Join our tribe and follow along for the ride.


Martha Eelman

A little about me... I moved to Indiana from Virginia when I was 11, but consider myself a home grown Midwest girl. In high school, I was that girl who would wear heels to class. I was mortified if I wore sweatpants and probably wore them 10 times or less. Personal style has always been my outlet of expression. I'm not someone who is necessarily outgoing. Fashion has always helped me overcome that in a non-vocal way. 

Flash forward to college, I was lucky to get into Indiana University and set out to major in fashion merchandising! Somehow I made my dreams come true and ended up here in Los Angeles (thanks, dad!). 

Now, I'm dabbling in the fashion styling world here in LA. I'm hopeful to be a fashion stylist, style blogger and/or in-home wardrobe consultant. But, really I'm just trying to figure out what the f*ck I want to do with my life, aren't we all?

Lover of: pugs (especially mine, George), my morning cup of joe, spontaneous trips with my lover, pull n' peel Twizzlers, my mom (duh), the beach, bell bottoms, Free People, red wine, RHCP, donuts, old school rap and LYUDA


Lyuda Kusel

My full name is Lyudmila. I was born in Ukraine and moved to the US when I was 3 with my mom’s huge family. And I mean huge- there are 19 aunts/uncles and 26 cousins. Six years later, my parents decided to plant my family in good ole Indiana. I was devastated to leave Washington but looking back, it was the best thing.

My mom's Vogue collection opened me to the fashion world. As a little girl, I was in awe of the beautiful clothes, people and places. It sparked my creativity. I needed to express my artsy side and did so by getting into drawing, sewing and photographing with my Grandpa's film camera from the '60s.

After high school, I struggled with deciding what to study. Should I be risky and follow my dreams? I took a leap of faith and ended up at Indiana University to study Fashion. Turns out it was one of the best decisions of my life and led me to where I am today! 

I <3: my family, exploring new places, The Doors, vintage markets, to-do lists, cacti/succulents, skateboarders, French bulldogs, old school rap, Georgia O'Keeffe, movies from the '70s and MARTHA