Gin + Juice

We invented the ultimate cocktail of Summer 2017. Here's what you'll need:

1. Seagram's Extra Dry Gin
2. 1 can Pineapple Juice
3. 1 can Coconut La Croix
4. 1 Lemon
5. a couple Maraschino Cherries
6. a few leaves of Basil
7. Ice

Among this hustle and bustle lifestyle of our early 20's, we live for the days we can mix up a cocktail and relax by the pool all day with friends! We whipped up this tasty Summer drink featuring Seagram's Extra Dry Gin. We strayed from our typical vod-sod (abbreviations are life, lol) and fell in love with this fresh concoction! It's super easy. We even put together a little 34 second video on how to mix it up! ♡ Grab a friend and get to mixing! And don't forget to play Snoop Dogg's Gin & Juice. That's the most important step.

follow these steps just in case you need a lil instruction... 

1. Pour roughly 1-2 shots of Seagram's Extra Dry Gin in each glass. We went with a double - cuz... why not?
2. Add a 6 fl oz can of dole pineapple juice to each glass
3. Pour a splash of coconut la croix in each glass - almost to the top, but leave room!
4. Ice ice ice!
5. Squeeze some lemon juice in there
6. Garnish with chopped basil
7. Alternate between maraschino cherries and pineapples on swizzle stick (Yes, that's what it's called. lol)
8. Sweeten it up with maraschino cherry juice - if you'd like!
9. Play "Gin & Juice" and enjoy!

TA-DA, YOU'VE GOT the cocktail of summer 2017!

Message for 21+. This post is sponsored by Seagrams. Play it Smart. Drink RESPONSIBLY. 

Romping Around


I attempted to get this post live yesterday... but I should've known better because it was Cinco De Mayo!! Instead I spent the evening drinking margs with new friends, in festive outfits of course. I'm now desperately fighting the urge to sleep all day because it's so cloudy outside! Like, wha?! C'mon LA, it's the weekend & you've cancelled my plans to bask in the sun all day! I'll just have to reminisce on the day we shot these looks with our lovely photographer, Maya. It was the most ideal "California" day. The kind of day you dream about before you move to the West Coast. Sunny, calm, breezy, smiles, banana bikes, ocean waves - gaaah, dreamy! And what more perfect occasion to wear than your favorite little romp on a day like this? I love the light, flowy fabric and faded stripes. I'll be wearing this outfit on repeat this Summer. 

BTW, white boots? Best purchase decision ever. They're so easy to clean and add a bold pop to all your Summer looks. This double horn necklace has also been one of my favorites. It always seems to be just the final touch I'm craving! I found this one on a little etsy shop for under $40!



Martha EelmanComment
White is my Favorite Color


I love white. It's so fresh, bright and airy. I especially obsess over white clothing. I love how it looks against my brunette hair (need to schedule an appt for highlights ASAP) and tan skin in the summer (need to get in the sun ASAP). I remember in high school during a "let's get to know our classmates" day, we were asked our favorite color and I said "white". OMG... the backlash I got! My classmates said "white isn't even a color", "that's so boring", etc. But - white is definitely a color! And it's not boring! It's a clean canvas. If something I love comes in a few colors, I tend to gravitate to white. It's classic and goes with everything. What's a color that you have too much of, but can't stop buying?



Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 4.25.59 PM.png
Lazy Days in L.A.



We think the LA lifestyle is having an effect on us. We feel like our style is changing!

You know that stereotypical "laid-back, west coast" vibe? Welp, we've definitely fallen into that category now. It's also 80 degrees in our apartment, so we're also just trying to stay cool. We're not mad about it! Los Angeles is a special place and we're still can't believe we live here! From Carmel, Indiana to Los Angeles, California has been a huge culture shock. The rumors are true. It's always sunny and gorgeous, (mostly) everyone is in a good mood and you could probably find a juice and avocado toast on every block (lol). Back to the heat, it's all about easy pieces that you can throw on. We live in rompers and dresses. Just add a funky shoe, accessory or pop of color to make your look stand out. 


PROS + CONS OF L.A. living

+ Pros: sunshine, close to the beach, surfer boys, never get bored, beautiful scenery, cacti grows everywhere, cute boutiques/restaurants at every corner, weird celeb sighting (Lyuda's fav is Toby from The Office)

- Cons: traffic, constant honking we hear everyday, how dirty our porch gets from pollution, finding parking, crazy homeless people, $ rent $, cockroaches (Martha gags at the word)