Summer, Summer, Summertime

The end of our sophomore year at Indiana University is quickly wrapping up.  Why is time flying by extra quickly lately?! We're sad to say goodbye to Bloomington for a couple months (most of all Rainbow Bakery's donuts), but excited to be with our family & loved ones back at home for the summer!

After finals week, we will both be flying out to NYC for a week! This will be my first time to New York & I could not be more excited! Martha's been there several times to visit family (check out her latest trip to NYC here) & has concluded she's a Cali girl. We'll just have to see how I do in the big, bad city.

We're able to make this trip to NYC because the Apparel Merchandising program at IU offers a New York Field Seminar during the summer for credit. We both applied & thankfully, both got accepted! We'll be visiting various showrooms of businesses in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly where we will be visiting yet. But...Ralph Lauren is a rumored stop along with Goldsmith, one of the top international mannequin manufacturers. WE ARE SO EXCITED.

As for the rest of the summer, Martha has a styling internship with a local stylist that works a lot with Pattern, a non-profit fashion magazine in Indy. She also plans on working at Moochie & Co. (a dog boutique in Clay Terrace, where she gets to bring George & he gets to play with London, THE cutest French bulldog).

As for myself, I'm in the process of interviewing for an internship so I will update on that later on! I plan on doing some nannying & going back to work at Anthropologie. My parents also recently bought a new house on the water & are renovating. It will be beautiful when it's all finished & I am so excited for a fresh change!

UPDATE: I am interning for Righno Boutique, a local online men's shop. Check it out!

Our summers have definitely changed from relaxing & pool days all summer long...but we both couldn't be more excited!

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