Washi Tape Door DIY

I have a new found love for washi tape! Especially since Scotch recently came out with their own version, which is much easier to get your hands on. I've been having so much fun with the colorful tapes making faux picture frames and outlines on my wall, so...we decided to doll up our doors!

Here's what you need!
- Any size/pattern/color of washi tape (Any brand you desire)
- Scissors
- Measuring Tape (IF you want to be very precise)
- Pencil
- Door!

1. Measure from the left & right side and mark lines with a pencil down the door. Also, measure from the top & bottom of the door to mark where you would like your lines to start.

*We marked 3" in from the left & right side of the door. Then, at 11" in  from the top and bottom.*

2. Pick your tape & begin your vertical line at the 11" mark, while lining it along the 3" marks going down the door. (Be sure to use scissors, instead of ripping the tape, for straight lines.)

3. Repeat step two on the other side of the door. Next, measure and mark 3" from each top and bottom of your tape. From here you will create the design we have in our final image, put the tape going inwards to the whole design. 

4. From the tape marks on step 3, mark another 3" mark going upwards on top and downwards on the bottom. Next connect those lines with a horizontal tape line.