How to Honey Dip, y'all

I have a secret girl crush on Jessie James Decker. After watching old episodes of Eric & Jessie on E!, I have created an obsession. She's adorable, down to Earth, has great style and is married to a smoking hot NFL player . Plus, she has her own career as a country singer, is co-host of Redneck Island and is about to launch a clothing line called "Kittenish" with Kora Rae and a swimwear line with Australian-based Amore & Sorvete. This girl has got it all! If you aren't following her on Instagram, you should be!

AND If you didn't know, she has a few tutorials on YouTube on how she does her "kittenish" make-up and hair. I got my "honey-dipped hair" color from her tutorial using Revlon's Frost & Glow - Medium to Dark box dye from Target. I know box dye is bad for you hair...but hey, we can't all afford $200 haircuts every couple months! (Hairstylists: don't hurt me.) I've done this to my hair a couple times and loved the results.

How to honey dip your hair:

Notes from Lyuda:

  • I've done this when my ombrè (done at a salon) was growing out. So I already had blonde in my hair at the ends like Jessie. 

  • She's definitely right that not using the gloves is better. It burns your fingers a bit, but it's easier to feel what you are doing.

  • Don't throw away the color until you've dried your hair and have seen how it turned out. That way you can touch it up if needed!

  • Once in a while, I use purple shampoo for blondes to tone the blonde in my hair.

Comment if you have questions!
Good luck if you are brave enough to try this out. ;)