College Fashionista

This crazy, busy semester I am happy to say I have tacked on the task of being a style guru intern for College Fashionista on Indiana University's campus. College Fashionista is a street style website of real college students on real college campuses. The website is for fashion savvy students looking for info on new styles and trends. Amy Levin is the brilliant founder of the College Fashionista. She begun the site as a personal blog while studying at Indiana University. Today, it is known nationwide and has been featured by Teen Vogue and The Zoe Report. There are a handful of style guru's at hundreds of campuses across the nation, each week they will have a live post. I encourage all of you to create an account and browse through the many styles of our peers, it is an awesome form of inspiration when you get the, "I have nothing to wear!" feeling.

I will have live post's every Friday!  Check out my profile here.

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