Faux Frames


I can't say I have ever wanted to need glasses, but I've certainly had moments of envy of the visually impaired (Who knew being visually impaired could be so trendy?). I love when a girl's frames become part of her image. With so many options for frame shape, material and pattern there is a pair to fit everyones personality (except us 20/20's). I found these faux frames totally unexpectedly while Christmas shopping at Hot Topic, yes I just said Hot Topic. They were my new crush. 

If I'm going being honest, it took me a minute to build the confidence to wear them out. Sure I felt like an idiot at first wearing fake glasses in public, but by the end of the day they were apart of me. Many of us become too afraid of what others might think of our personal appearance. What matters most is how you feel about yourself. If you like pink tutus, you wear them! In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, "Do one thing every day that scares you." 


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