DIY Wrapped Cord Statement Necklace


 I have been dying for a thick statement necklace for summer - neon pink required (our fave)! After seeing so many bright and unique ones in stores this season, I had to have one. Let me tell you though, it is hard to find a cord necklace made of quality materials (with the right price tag). I thought... why not take matters into my own hands? 

You Need:
1 Yard of Piping
Multiple Colors of Embroidery Thread
A Large Embroidery Needle
Jewelry Pliers
2 Eye Pins
E6000 Glue
2 End Caps
Some Sort of Closure
Fringe Pendant
3 Large Adjustable Rings

1. Cut the cotton piping to a length of your liking. I went with 19" so the tassels would lay properly. Wrap the ends with tape to prevent fraying. 

2. Thread your needle and poke it through the cotton piping, be sure to leave enough thread to wrap the length you want.  I did not measure my thread ahead of time because I wanted all my thread sections to be different lengths. To be sure the thread stays - tie a knot at the end and wrap over the knot multiple times.

3. Loop your needle through the jump ring on your fringe pendant a few times. The tighter, the better!

4. Continue wrapping. Tie a knot on the backside of the necklace to secure the thread and hide your knots! Applying tape to a thread end may help it stay put. 

5. Repeat above steps until you are satisfied with your wrapping!

7. Pull the adjustable rings apart to fit on the piping. Bend them back to a circle shape once on the piping. They will stay put on their own, if the metal is bent tight enough.

8. Thread one eye pin through the end cap. This way the loop on the eye pin gets caught on the inside of the cap.

9. Loop your lobster clasp through the eye pin. Using your jewelry pliers bend the pin back and wrap it to secure. 

10. Repeat steps 8 & 9 for the other half of your chosen closure. 

11. Apply a genorous amount of E6000 glue inside each end cap and on the end of the cotton piping. Insert the piping in the end cap and hold for a minute. Let dry overnight before wearing!

Cheap and easy. Doesn't get much better than that!
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