40 Days Cross Country

Lyuda and I will be entering our senior year of college this Autumn. For the past 4 years, we've been hearing these comments countless times... "Travel when you're young. Go abroad before you have kids. See the world before starting a career." You know what? It's true. It's our time to be young, wild and free.

College is over before you know it. And then what does America want you to do? Internships, careers, starting a family, work, work and more work. This past Winter, I was searching for internship positions for Summer 2015. Not solely because I wanted too... but due to the pressure I felt from the fashion industry, my parents and the society we live in. Why would I want to start working for the man before I even graduate? So I can work for "him" the rest of my life?

This is when I found an article on the Lala (a website dedicated to us college girls), all about an American student taking a "gap" year. In the article, she speaks to the culture difference of the United States compared to other countries. In America, students are rushed to complete courses and achieve graduation with a few internships under their belt, immediately followed by a career. In several other cultures, it is encouraged to take your time to complete schooling, to use your time for things besides classroom learning. It was in that moment I realized - I don't want to have an internship just yet. I want to go places. I want to let go. I want to discover. I want to play. 

I didn't see a gap year in my future, but this article sparked my imagination. I know I want to go overseas one day, but it isn't my moment quite yet. A plane ticket alone to Paris can be $2,000. Many of us overlook the fact that we live in such an amazing place. So amazing, that many others even dream of moving here to thrive in our culture. Therefore, why not explore it?!

 After living in the Midwest for so long, I've been dreaming of exploring the West and Southwest of the United States. I drew up a plan and picked my top 12 places I'd like to visit. I dragged my boyfriend into the idea and BOOM! It was happening. The ultimate road trip.

We calculated how much we would need for gas and food. Guess what? It was way less than a plane ticket to France. To keep our costs low, we will be staying with mostly family and friends (major perk of exploring your own country)! For the destinations without family and friends to stay with, we booked "private rooms" in people's homes through Airbnb. The majority of this trip is unplanned. We're going by the seat of our pants. I can't wait to have the experience of a lifetime. 

Follow me on my journey beginning June 25th,
I'll be posting weekly photos, updates and travel guides!

Indianapolis, IN 
Glen Wood Springs, CO 
Salt Lake City, UT 
San Fransisco, CA 
Los Angeles, CA 
Coachella Valley, CA 
Lake Powell, UT 
Grand Canyon, AZ 
Mesa, AZ 
Silver City, NM 
Dallas, TX 
Austin, TX 
New Orleans, LA