Week 1: Colorado & Utah

I am now on day seven of this USA excursion, finishing up my first week of adventures! We ran into some car issues the day before our planned departure, which leads me to - Road Trip Tip #1: Get your car checked out at least one week, prior to leaving. Thanks to the homies at Ford (major props) we were able to get on the road only a few hours later than planned!

It was wicked hot our entire time in UT (100+), plus I was mostly visiting with my grandparents. So, there wasn't much city exploring here, but we did plenty of adventuring in what the locals call their "natural playground".


Moab - One of the most breathtaking places I have ever visited! People from all around the world visit to see the huge red rocks and natural made arches. I visited Arches National Park, but all the other parks are just as grand! It can be a little stressful at first to enter a climate your body isn't used to. I totally had a mini panic attack! You're at a very high elevation where the air is extremely dry and thin, plus it was 110 degrees (not kidding!). But, totally worth it. Road Trip Tip #2: Always have water. Lots of water.

American Fork Canyon - A national park in Salt Lake City's outskirts. People come here to camp, go off-roading, hiking, the usual. This place is seriously huge and has all kinds of terrain! If you're from somewhere that is mostly flat, you'll definitely want to explore. 

Salt Flats - If you head out of town on 80 West, you'll notice all salt flats on the side of the highway. I wanted to set up a teepee and live here. There's an ongoing breeze and nothing but silence. Be sure to take your shoes off. 

Eat & Explore

Peace Tree Cafe - Super yummy and inexpensive food (healthy, too)! Located in downtown Moab, it's the perfect spot for a bite after hiking all day. 

Sundance Resort - Hiding within Uinta is this well-known ski resort. It's a totally cute little area. There are local artists offering pottery classes, ziplines and other good stuff! I about fell in love with the Sundance store. If you've seen the catalogs, you know it's heaven for a girl with any sort of bohemian flare. 



Glen Wood Springs - A little mountain town with red rocks and hot springs. We had a camp out with some hilarious old friends! Big weenies (bratwursts, not real ones), polaroid photos, tons of laughs and some booze were all involved.  

Flagstaff Mountain - Located smack behind Boulder, it's the perfect getaway spot. We drove up to a quieter area and hopped on a trail! Road Trip Tip #3: Always wear shoes when hiking!! My caveman of a boyfriend insisted on not wearing shoes on the trail (boys). After two miles it got a little rough on the feet.

Eat & Explore

Pearl Street - Sadly, we didn't have the time to fully check out this strip, but it was recommended by all the locals! It goes throughout most of Boulder and is filled with little shops and good eats.

The Sink - Recommended by a friend. A local, family owned restaurant with burgers, pizza, and microbrews!