Week 2: San Francisco

  Wearing : Vintage Top, Boyfriend Jeans,   Gap .  Gladiators,  J. Crew ( Similar ).  Cross Body,   Target . 

Wearing: Vintage Top, Boyfriend Jeans, GapGladiators, J. Crew (Similar). Cross Body, Target

I spent about 5 days in San Francisco. It truly is like nothing I have ever seen. The hills are unreal. Road Trip Tip #4: Bring comfortable shoes to scale those hills! The city is filled with all different kinds of people, the beaches are wonderful, their parks are beautiful. San Fran has something for everyone! I really enjoyed my time here. The only downfall was the weather. In the summer months it can get pretty foggy and chilly which is quite odd when you're used to the beating sun! Road Trip Tip #5: Always have layers!

Richmond District:

Richmond district is a pretty cool area. We walked through here a lot on Clement Street and saw all kinds of ethnic food. I hear Burmese is the "hip, trendy" thing right now, kind of like Thai food I believe? There are also little grocery markets everywhere where you can get extremely cheap produce, score!

All Star Donuts – A late night sugar craving lead me to a little Yelp searching ending me at this delicious spot! I don't think I'd have ever picked it based off the exterior, but their donuts kicked ass. Along with tasty donuts the workers were genuinely stoked on their fried doughs. Definitely get a french cruller and whatever donut is the freshest! Road trip tip #6: Yelp can be your best friend. 

The Tidy Shoppe - I was instantly pulled in here by the vintage meets modern decor. I thought it was a little shop at first, but found out it is a beauty spot! They offer brow services, bikini waxes, eyelash extensions, spray tans (I'm a faux tanning addict) and more! Tricia, the owner, is so sweet and inviting, you'll love this spot! She also hand picks vintage pieces to sell in her store. I bought a super cute neon pink embroidered top that I'm sporting in the above photo.

Outer Sunset:

Possibly my favorite neighborhood because of its laid-back surf town feel, it was also a major plus we had amazing weather this day. The majority of the area is residential with few shops and cafes. We passed several people in their wetsuits heading down to the water - something I'd never seen before!

Ocean Beach – A public beach close to Outer Sunset. We visited on a sunny day and flew a kite. The water is too cold to swim, but the sand gets warm enough to keep you comfortable. You’ll want to stay all day, trust me.

Judahlicious – One of the best meals I had in San Fran! Their entire menu is raw and/or vegan. They also have a killer smoothie selection (the tropical one is amazing) and a bakery case. Bonus points!

Mollusk Surf Shop – Probably the most unique surf shop I have ever checked out. The majority of what they sell is house brand! The interior has all kinds of unique – art installation looking pieces.

Haight Ashbury:

This neighborhood is full of hipsters, hippies and us trendy youngins'. Fair warning - you will be asked if you want to buy pot at least 3 times. Attention all vintage lovers: You must visit Haight. The strip is full of different collections of vintage stores. I wanted to go into every one, but I thought my BF might kill me. 

Wasteland Vintage – The most amazing vintage store I’ve ever stepped foot in. With a combination of designer pieces, vintage clothing and new modern day styles, there is something for everyone. I bought an off-the-shoulder maxi peasant dress (I told you I’m obsessed with this style). Wasteland is totally worth searching the racks!

1428 HAIGHT Restaurant (formerly known as Squat and Gobble) – Kick-ass eats. They serve breakfast all day, my favorite! Really good price for the portions. Great spot for hangovers.

Golden Gate Park – We ran out of time and didn’t get to see the entire park. It’s really nice to ride a bike through and there aren’t too many hills, unlike the rest of the city! Rumor has it, the Arboretum has trees out of this world!

Amoeba – This one's for all you music junkies. Amoeba has any record or CD you have ever desired! The only down side? This place used to be a bowling alley, A.K.A it is huge and could take you hours to find what you’re looking for.

North Beach: 

North Beach is really close to downtown and Fisherman's Wharf, so it can get really busy and crowded with tourists. If you stray off the main streets you can find some quaint little shops and eateries. Little Italy is within North Beach as well and that it definitely worth checking out. There are tons of Italian restaurants and pastry shops!

Mara’s Deserts  - My stomach died and went to heaven here. They have Italian inspired deserts, pastries and delicious looking mini cookies. I munched an oversized lemon bar, a mini pecan pie and a cherry Danish. Can you say yum (or fat)?

Fisherman’s Wharf – Everyone will tell you to go here, but the reality is, it’s a major tourist destination. The only thing worth seeing is the sea lions! We only saw one and I was super sad because I thought there would be at least 20! I then found out the majority of them migrate in the summer months, so make sure it's worth your time before heading there!

Lombard Street – The street famous for being very windy and impractical. Also a super touristy spot, but good to see! I personally thought it was kind of funny to watch people attempt to drive down (sorry, not sorry). Road Trip Tip #7: Always remember, it's okay to be super touristy sometimes.

Pacific Heights:

This area is really hip and neat. Some of the townhomes around are extravagant, so it is fun to even just walk through and check them out. 

Freda Salvador: OMG. I wanted all the shoes in here, but my college girl budget just couldn't step up to the plate. The store was decorated so modern, boho-chic (our fave). Every pair of shoe felt so well-created and long-lasting. Road Trip Tip #8: As much as you want to splurge on shoes, you have to make your money last if you want to eat!

Filmore Street: We were here over the Fourth of July and got to attend the Filmore Jazz festival! San Fran has a festival every weekend in a different neighborhood in the summer months. Anyways, there is some great high-end shopping on Filmore Street within Pacific Heights. We passed by a Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone, Rebecca Minkoff + more. Pure eye candy for us fashion lovers. 

 Lombard Street

Lombard Street

  Mara's Deserts

Mara's Deserts

  Wearing:  Leather Jacket,  American Eagle ( Similar ).  White Dress, U rban Outfitters ( Similar ).

Wearing: Leather Jacket, American Eagle (Similar). White Dress, Urban Outfitters (Similar).

  The bathroom at The Tidy Shoppe

The bathroom at The Tidy Shoppe

  Wearing:  White Dress, ( Similar in Above Photo),  Strappy Gladiators,  Old Navy ( Similar ).  Backpack,  Urban Outfitters ( Similar ).

Wearing: White Dress, (Similar in Above Photo), Strappy Gladiators, Old Navy (Similar). Backpack, Urban Outfitters (Similar).

  Frēda Salvador

Frēda Salvador

  Allstar Donuts

Allstar Donuts

  The floor at Frēda Salvador

The floor at Frēda Salvador