Minimal is the New Black


It's true. A minimal mentality is sweeping the fashion world. And I LOVE IT. From the booing of fast fashion (please, please watch The True Cost on Netflix) to the rise of capsule closets, the minimal aesthetic is so hot right now. Not sure that I could cut my wardrobe down to (a scary) 12 pieces like some, but I'm slowly yet, surely giving my closet a healthy cleaning. After studying Apparel, I can spot a quality garment easily - and know why the investment is totally worth it. Now, more than ever, I'm all about quality > quantity. And quality goods that are sustainable! (I'll get more into that another time.)

By the way, my top is from American Colors by Alex Lehr. This brand makes their clothing from organic cotton (which uses less pesticides and less resources compared to regular cotton) or from recycled cotton (which is even better because it gives a post-consumer product another life). Everything is made in the USA. The store in Bloomington has great prices, so definitely pop in and check it out!

As I'm getting older, I already find myself investing in pieces that I could wear for a few years. Along with the high quality part, comes the high price part. I am a bargain shopper... so this is hard for me, but I'm getting better! (Martha can confirm.) I loved this story from The Coveteur. It basically justifies spending $1000+ on a pair of YSL Boots, which only costs $6.83 per wear if you wear them for 150 days. I mean... when you put it that way...

I don't think I could ever go full out on the capsule closet, but I love the idea and am incorporating it into my life. It's so refreshing! What do you think about the minimal mentality or "eco-fashion"?