The Turtleneck

The turtleneck is BACK. And it's no longer just for your 80-year-old grandmother. The turtleneck disappeared after we decided we want tight clothing and to show more skin. It's kinda funny how just 10 years ago it was super sexy to wear spaghetti straps & show midriff (thank you, Britney). Now, our favorite style bloggers are making these oversized knits look just as hot by leaving a little more to the imagination.

                                                                        Kate Moss  |  Mary Seng  |  Danielle Bernstein

                                                                     Kate Moss | Mary Seng | Danielle Bernstein

                                                                   Julie Sarinana  |  NYFW Street Style  |  Sasha Luss

                                                                Julie Sarinana | NYFW Street Style | Sasha Luss

We're obsessed with the oversized turtleneck's warmth and statement look. Plus, it's like a 2-in-1! You get a scarf and a sweater - what's better?! (OK, that just rhymed.) With 8 a.m. classes on the regular, we need a go-to sweater like this that's chic and easy to style. For an everyday combo, slip into a pair of pleather leggings, a beanie and your favorite bootie with a cozy turtleneck, of course. We've picked out a few that we love! (Ok, some of them are little out of our budget, but they are just so prettyyyy! #stylebloggerproblems)

                           Alice + Olivia , $440 |  Stella McCartney , $975 |  Michael Kors , $175 |  Brunello Cucineeli , $3,215

                        Alice + Olivia, $440 | Stella McCartney, $975 | Michael Kors, $175 | Brunello Cucineeli, $3,215

                                     Free People , $168 |  Abercrombie & Fitch , $78 |  Ralph Lauren , $1,695 |  Theory , $385   

                                  Free People, $168 | Abercrombie & Fitch, $78 | Ralph Lauren, $1,695 | Theory, $385