Well. It's official. I'm living the dream here in LOS ANGELESKinda crazy, right?

I had been saying all throughout college, "I want to move to California and become a stylist!" And... here I am! Making my dreams come true. I begun an internship under a very successful celebrity stylist last week. Everything seemed to fall into place with this opportunity and I have high hopes it will take me to great places. 

Transitioning from college to being on your own, starting adulthood, working for the man, whatever you want to call it, IS WEIRD. I'm finding I have so much time on my hands without all the homework and studying, but I'm assuming that will change as I get more settled into the city. I am constantly reminding myself though, this is just apart of the process. One day all of this "being on your own" just becomes a part of life, everyones life.

It's exciting and scary, but mostly exciting. 

City life has been keeping me on my toes... a lot of walking and wanting to be comfortable. I love all the different looks you can create with a graphic T-shirt. They are super comfortable and easy to dress up or down. The one I'm wearing above is by Vardagen, a kick-ass skatewear inspired brand out of Indianapolis. The top went seamlessly with my Vans, but I wanted to give the look a little bit of a "street-style" vibe. This vintage sequin jacket (similar below) was the perfect addition and easy to slip on or off throughout the day.