Summer's in the Air

Yes! It's finally that sweet summer time in Indiana. We love throwing on an easy, breezy dress in the summer. Wear it with your favorite jewelry and a pair of sandals and you're out the door! They're so comfortable and we feel "effortlessly-cool" all day. 

If you're looking to experiment with patterns and colors this summer, dresses are the way to do it! There is no hassle of mixing and matching with dresses, which in turn will get you more wear out of them. 

We are always up for a challenge when clothing is involved. Royal blue is an atypical color for Martha because it can be harsh on fair skin tones and difficult to pair as a separate. BUT! Such a bold color in a maxi-dress accentuates the bodies lines and lets accessories shine against such a strong background. Lyuda isn't normally into florals but this silhouette of this dress is what sold her. The bell sleeve of the dress looks great with a white leather cuff. And you can never go wrong with a dainty necklace.

Now it's your turn! What dress will you be experimenting with this summer?

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Photography by Natalie Rose Peterson.