Summer Daze

Yesterday ended the first week of my internship and I'm finally getting settled here in Hollywood! The weather has been amazing and I've been loving every minute spent in LA. There has definitely been a few difficult moments, but that is to be expected. FaceTime is literally the (and my lifeline right now) - could you imagine if we had to communicate with friends via snail mail still? Um, no.

One perk of "adulting" for me is getting to dress-up! I've probably said this before, but I always have a better day if I feel confident in what I am wearing. Bohemia-inspired outfits are my favorite. I feel myself in a flared pants or fringey get-up like this one.

I've been holding onto this vest for 2 years now and spontaneously wanted to pair it with this dress. The dress by itself can be so girly, it needed a little roughing up from the leather vest. Remember when we spotted fringe in our 2015 trend report? Well, fringe is here to stay you guys.