A Hint of Blue

Hi y'all! We're going to let you in in our summer beauty secrets for Summer 16! We are loving BLUE, specifically a minty sky blue. We decided to create a little beauty tutorial featuring some awesome products from Sally Beauty! See Lyuda add a blue twist to your typical french manicure & watch Martha highlight a few blue streaks in her blonde locks.

Lyuda's Summer Blues French Manicure

1. After trimming & prepping your nails, apply the Seche Vite Dry Fast Base Coat. Let dry.

2. Next, apply China Glaze's "Innocence". It's the perfect sheer nude for any french manicure! (Make sure to let it completely dry before next step!)

3. Time for the tips! Apply the Orly French Manicure Tip Guides onto each finger, making sure you press down onto nail.

4. This is where the magic happens! Paint the China Glaze in "At Vase Value" onto the nail tip using the guide. Wait 5 seconds after painting and then gently pull off the tip guide. Then continue on the next nail!


5. After allowing the tip color to dry, apply the Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat! This stuff is magic. It's like a professional gel manicure in a bottle. Let dry & ta da!

Martha's Blue Locks - 'Egyptian Style'

I've always loved putting bright colors in my hair, it changes your whole look temporarily - almost like a chance to be a "new you!" Back in middle school (during the vital awkward stage) I had pink professionally put in my hair. The color was put throughout my bangs, in an under layer so the color would just peek out. I guess the placement was called 'Egyptian style.' This is my attempt at re-creating that look, enjoy!


- Color Brilliance by Ion in CYAN
- Color Brilliance by Ion in AZURE
- Mixing Bowl
- Highlight brushes
- Generic 'Shimmer Lights' Shampoo
- White Conditioner
- Gloves!

1. If you're not already naturally blonde, you will need to lighten your hair. I did a quick wash with purple shampoo to rid the brassy undertones.
*Be careful not to use too much OR leave it on too long, the purple color will settle in your hair - I made this mistake*

2. Using the pointed end of the color brush, section and part your hair into 3 areas. Separate and secure these sections apart from one another.

4. Cover the areas of hair that you do not want blue, with conditioner. The more the better, it will prevent color from bleeding into unwanted areas. 

5. Get your colors ready! Ion makes it really simple. You just simply squeeze the color out of the tube, there is no mixing with ammonia, bleach or any of that. It is recommended to mix in a little conditioner with the color to dilute it slightly. 
*Pictured: Cyan on top, Azure on bottom*

7. Before you color a whole section - do a strand test! 

8. If you're satisfied with the final product, proceed to coloring! I used the smaller size brush and colored small sections at a time. For a more faded, laid-back look I used the lighter color, azure, on the top half of the sections and brushed all the ends with the darker color, cyan.
*gloves are helpful*

9. Ion recommends leaving the color on for 20-40 minutes. I left mine on for about 30-35 minutes, because bright colors tend to fade quickly with every wash. 

10. Use a leave-in conditioner to help color last!

The photos above were after two washes and the color still looks great! I'm loving this pop of blue, now I'm eager to try other colors - maybe dusty pink?

Thank you to Sally Beauty for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring us to share our summer beauty secrets!