7 Tips to Build a Wardrobe You Love


Photography by Nicole Toczauer.

Hai guys! I've been sooo eager to share this post! This is one of the most ME outfits I've worn in awhile, it's one of those where you put on all the finishing touches and it just clicks. You know those? Why can't all outfits be that effortless, you ask!?! Well, building a wardrobe is an art! An art that is all about trial & error. My personal style is constantly evolving and I'm always finding a way to best achieve the wardrobe I so desire. I've been focusing on minimizing my closet to the point where I feel a little love story with each & every piece I have. Here's a few tips n' tricks to the trade... 

1. Don't buy the trendy shit!!! This one comes from Lyuda. I was seriously guilty of giving into trends but after trial & error I've learned most of that stuff just ended up sitting in my closet. I try to target the trendy things while shopping and avoid them all together. If you know you will only wear it once or twice - it's a NO (unless it's crazy cool/unique)!

2. Visualize what you would actually pair a piece with while shopping. This is a big one! If you're already thinking of ways to mix & match the item with pieces you already own, it's probably a winner. This way you've already started to form ideas of how to style it which means you're excited and feeling good about the piece!

3. Get rid of all the old crap you don't wear anymore! If you have things sitting in your closet that you haven't touched for days, months or years, it's time rethink that garment. Pieces that don't get worn turn into eyesores and will take away from the ease of getting dressed. 

4. Going off #3, minimizing is key. Take the things you don't wear as often and put them away. I keep a bin of clothes that I'm on the fence about. If you haven't gone to grab that piece out of the bin in 2-4 weeks, it probably means you won't pick them up again for a while (or evvvver)! Sell that old shit on a resale site like Poshmark or Ebay and use those funds to buy some new badass stuff you're HYPED about! 

5. The less you have, the easier it is to get dressed! Visualizing is key for me (I see a trend here #2, lol). I need to be able to see everything I own, which in turn means having less! Less is also easier to manage and easier to style overall. 

6. Drop a bit of $$$ here & there. High-quality garments are where it's at. Yes, I love a good deal, but sometimes you need to spend to get your closet where you want it to be. Treat yourself every once in awhile to a few solid pieces you will keep for years. High-quality garments also tend to have that effortlessly chic look we're all trying to achieve! With that being said the $ is well worth it.

7. Don't overthink it. This is often my biggest flaw! I catch myself putting too much thought into my outfits to the point where I get all caught up and try to perfect it. This is not the way to achieve your ideal look. More often than not my best outfits, the ones I feel the most confident in, are thought up in just a few seconds!

OK - that's it for now. This was fun. :) We can get into more detail another time!
Do you guys have any fun tips to share!?


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