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Gin + Juice

We invented the ultimate cocktail of Summer 2017. Here's what you'll need:

1. Seagram's Extra Dry Gin
2. 1 can Pineapple Juice
3. 1 can Coconut La Croix
4. 1 Lemon
5. a couple Maraschino Cherries
6. a few leaves of Basil
7. Ice

Among this hustle and bustle lifestyle of our early 20's, we live for the days we can mix up a cocktail and relax by the pool all day with friends! We whipped up this tasty Summer drink featuring Seagram's Extra Dry Gin. We strayed from our typical vod-sod (abbreviations are life, lol) and fell in love with this fresh concoction! It's super easy. We even put together a little 34 second video on how to mix it up! ♡ Grab a friend and get to mixing! And don't forget to play Snoop Dogg's Gin & Juice. That's the most important step.

follow these steps just in case you need a lil instruction... 

1. Pour roughly 1-2 shots of Seagram's Extra Dry Gin in each glass. We went with a double - cuz... why not?
2. Add a 6 fl oz can of dole pineapple juice to each glass
3. Pour a splash of coconut la croix in each glass - almost to the top, but leave room!
4. Ice ice ice!
5. Squeeze some lemon juice in there
6. Garnish with chopped basil
7. Alternate between maraschino cherries and pineapples on swizzle stick (Yes, that's what it's called. lol)
8. Sweeten it up with maraschino cherry juice - if you'd like!
9. Play "Gin & Juice" and enjoy!

TA-DA, YOU'VE GOT the cocktail of summer 2017!

Message for 21+. This post is sponsored by Seagrams. Play it Smart. Drink RESPONSIBLY. 

DIY Painted Pumpkins

Blogging ain't easy. I feel like we know countless people who have started a blog & then simply let it dwindle into the Internet abyss after realizing how much time, effort, blood, sweat and tears it actually takes! So... here's a self pat on the back to us. We're coming up on our 3 year anniversary for the blog (whaaaaa?!) in December. We're transitioning into post graduate life, settling down in a new city and starting to build our dream careers. We're super excited for the future!

Anyways! Back to "blogging ain't easy". We fucked up this DIY. We wanted to create dipped marbled pumpkins. But, the paint we bought wasn't down for that so... we just ended up painting the pumpkins! And hey, they still turned out pretty cute! We debated even putting this on the blog since it was basically a fail. We were looking at each other laughing as the clumps of paint drip off the pumpkins & we decided we have to! A lot of blogging is about making everything look "perfect", but this is us!

What you need:

If you want to attempt the DIY fail - 
It's pretty simple... Just fill a large bowl with two paint bottles of the same color. We thinned the paint out with water so it wouldn't clump. Then drizzle your "marbling" color on the top layer. We played around with dipping and swirling the pumpkins in the paint until it looked the way we wanted! Our best tip is to work as fast as you can to avoid paint build up. 

Time crunch? Just paint 'em - 
Obviously, this is like the easiest DIY ever. We attempted to save our "marbled" pumpkins by painting them to look "dipped." This is super easy and quick, just paint around your pumpkin with an organic line to give them the "dipped" look!

Add some glitter for a fun Halloween feel or googly eyes if you're really going for it!

We're going to keep these babies up through Thanksgiving.

DIYMartha EelmanComment
Decor Dreaming

I have a major love for interior design. I think it all started when I was little... I would spend hours on the computer playing Sims (omg throwback) & decorating my houses endlessly until they were perfect. I gradually upgraded to stealing my mom's glamorous issues of Elle Decor as soon as they arrived & the rest is history.

As a recent graduate, it can definitely be hard to make your dream home a reality when you're young, broke & renting. I make do with rad Goodwill finds, Target's clearance section, my Anthropologie discount & a little imagination. I was so psyched when I scored this chair at Goodwill for $8! Holla! 

I would describe my home decor style as warm, bohemian, minimal & elevated. Here's a little bit of my inspiration I have in mind while Martha & I are decorating our new LA apartment! + Be on the lookout for some DIYs as we start to fill our apartment with handmade lovelies.

Jonathan Adler X Motorola

We like to keep our apartment feeling like home, even if it's just a temporary space. As bloggers and busy college students, it's important for us to stay constantly inspired and motivated. Coming home to an empty space with white walls and 80s furniture does the exact opposite of inspire (You know what we mean, college boys). Our apartment is filled with DIYs, Goodwill finds and Target dollar section goodies (Our favorite!). We don't want to give too much away though!

Our home is very bright, clean and colorful which is why we adore Jonathan Adler's collaboration with Motorola! He specially designed three limited edition Moto X Pure Edition phones. All three feature sleek, geometric designs perfectly representing Adler's aesthetic. This limited edition Motorola will only be on the market through April 1st, 2016. Get yours before they're gone!

We ♡ Adler's blue geometric print! Which one is your favorite?!
 Check out the hashtags #XOmotoX + #XOJonathon to see more!

Keep an eye out for a tour of the entire apartment coming soon!

This post is sponsored by Motorola but the content and opinions expressed here are our own.