Aye Aye Captain



Happy weekend, y'all! I'm making my way back to the West Coast after enjoying a long holiday in the Midwest. Currently squeezed in the back row of the plane behind a screaming child. *Cue red wine, please.* Have Lyuda and I ever shared the one time we were flying to NYC? There was such terrible turbulence, we were sitting there holding hands with our eyes squeezed shut. I think we were convinced we might die. Clearly, we don't do too well on planes (lol). 

Well, we're officially in holiday mode. The older I get, the faster time (especially holidays) seems to go. My favorite thing about the holiday season is all the time we get with family and friends. It was so good for me to get a dose of Indiana after living out the city life. But, I'm ready to head back to sunny days and palm trees.

Living in a warmer climate, I am a sucker for anything floral, short, easy and beachy. Especially rompers or jumpsuits, it makes getting dressed in the AM so much easier. I had my eye on this Free People romper for so long and finally found one in my size on Poshmark (my holy grail). It happened to go on sale at FP and is now sold out but I've linked similar styles I love just as much below.

I always try to fit a statement piece into my daily looks. "One piece outfits" (rompers/dresses) are much more fun to accessorize because you can build without looking like a 5 year-old with 100 plastic bead necklaces on. Although, that look isn't necessarily a bad thing? HA. I've been having so much fun accessorizing with this forest green lieutenant hat! I like the tom-boy spunk it has paired with the girly floral print. I would have never thought I'd be so in love with such a structured hat, but now I really want the pink one (help me, I'm poor!). 


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