Dominican Republic

Can you guys believe the holiday season is already over?! It is wild how fast it goes! I feel like we were just celebrating Thanksgiving!

My Christmas was a little different this year. For years my parents have been trying to convince my siblings and I to trade out Christmas gift giving for a tropical vacation. Obviously, we were selfish high schoolers and college kids (eek) who wanted to have a traditional holiday at home. This year we finally gave in and all agreed to get the hell out of Indiana! It was definitely the greatest decision.

We went to the Dominican Republic and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. I've never been to an all inclusive resort, so I pretty much pigged out on all the pina coladas, cheese pizza and salmon kabobs I could get my hands on. #whoops.

I tried really hard to not spend too much time on my phone while we were on vaca, so I'll keep this post short and sweet. The DR is gorgeous. The sand is so clean and the water is incredibly clear. It was a much needed vacation. We spent 80% of the time sipping beers in the sun. I think I could do Christmas this way every year.

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