Dazin' Away


I couldn't be more ecstatic to say it's fri-yay! I've been a little MIA lately. Life gets busy, I took an extra long vacation (3 weeks long, #mybad) back home in Indiana for the holidays and didn't return to LA until a week into January. I had a feeling this may be the last year, for a while, when I would actually be able to take such a chunk of time off. Why not take advantage? It was well worth it and I started my first big girl job when I got back, so I'm still getting used to the swing of things and my new schedule! 

I've been really eager to share this look, it's one of my favorites of all time! I snagged this bad-ass t-shirt from Dazey LA! Dani is the face behind the brand, she is a major girl boss who is constantly inspiring Lyuda + I to chase our dreams. Dani designs all her graphics and runs her own production team, I meaaaaaaan. Plus she is super open about all her obstacles and what's going on her with her business. I love watching her silly Instagram stories to get a little insight on what it's like to own a brand. Support your fellow girl bosses and check out her site

Back to the look - this shag jacket has been getting way too much wear. Lyuda and I both have it, so that's cool. Why is it that we always unintentionally end up matching our best friend? Anyways, statement jackets are the best because they dress up your basic graphic tee and denim look in a hot second. Can we just take a minute to adore how much this necklace looks like a DYLANLEX? It's from FP and I'm so sad it sold out! But, don't fret I found a few similar styles!