DIY Painted Pumpkins

Blogging ain't easy. I feel like we know countless people who have started a blog & then simply let it dwindle into the Internet abyss after realizing how much time, effort, blood, sweat and tears it actually takes! So... here's a self pat on the back to us. We're coming up on our 3 year anniversary for the blog (whaaaaa?!) in December. We're transitioning into post graduate life, settling down in a new city and starting to build our dream careers. We're super excited for the future!

Anyways! Back to "blogging ain't easy". We fucked up this DIY. We wanted to create dipped marbled pumpkins. But, the paint we bought wasn't down for that so... we just ended up painting the pumpkins! And hey, they still turned out pretty cute! We debated even putting this on the blog since it was basically a fail. We were looking at each other laughing as the clumps of paint drip off the pumpkins & we decided we have to! A lot of blogging is about making everything look "perfect", but this is us!

What you need:

If you want to attempt the DIY fail - 
It's pretty simple... Just fill a large bowl with two paint bottles of the same color. We thinned the paint out with water so it wouldn't clump. Then drizzle your "marbling" color on the top layer. We played around with dipping and swirling the pumpkins in the paint until it looked the way we wanted! Our best tip is to work as fast as you can to avoid paint build up. 

Time crunch? Just paint 'em - 
Obviously, this is like the easiest DIY ever. We attempted to save our "marbled" pumpkins by painting them to look "dipped." This is super easy and quick, just paint around your pumpkin with an organic line to give them the "dipped" look!

Add some glitter for a fun Halloween feel or googly eyes if you're really going for it!

We're going to keep these babies up through Thanksgiving.

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