Fall Into Floral

Cue reality! Now that our last holiday weekend of summer has officially wrapped, I've got fall on my mind. I read something on the Salty Blonde's Instagram the other day that was pretty funny, "But how many times are we going to see and hear the word 'transition' over the next month? #transitioningintomotherfuckingfall." You know what, she's right! All us style bloggers are guilty of doing the basic "transition" post.  

This is going to be my first fall in Los Angeles - I keep catching myself asking natives, "does the weather really change for fall?" or "when is it going to start cooling down?". It's weird because all the retail stores are transitioning (there's the word) into fall color schemes. I work at Free People and we are currently carrying all kinds of leather jackets, sweaters and boots. But it is still often in the 90s, and from what I hear the lowest it gets here in the fall and winter months is about 60º. So, my point, are we really going to be wearing all this stuff or is it just a façade?

I'm excited for what's to come of fall, but I want to soak up the final moments of summer with this little number. Guess what? It's only $24.90 from Forever 21I have been loving flirty floral prints, like this one, all summer. Actually, my friend and I realized I wore a similar floral for the first 3 or 4 times we went out here in the city (HA, guess I do really like them). I just might have to "transition" them into the new season. 

What I will miss about summer
1. Beach events like the Vans Surf Open and Long Beach Dew Tour
2. Wearing a swimsuit under my clothes
3. Endless music festivals (even if I don't attend, it's still fun to see photos/video)
4. Everyone's leisurely state of mind
5. Shades of ivory and bright colors in stores
6. Peaches
7. Beach days
8. Pool parties

Why I'm excited for fall
1. To go home and see my family for the holidays!
2. More chilly LA nights
3. Sweater weather
4. TV shows coming back on (hopefully HBO's The Leftovers!!)
Fashion Week - starting September 8th!
6. Post-Halloween candy sales
7. My boyfriend is visiting in October!!!
8. Wearing accessories like scarves & hats 

Photography by @the.photographr | website