Girls on Film

I started getting into "photography" when I was in high school. (Remember this post from Martha & I's high school shenanigans?) When my grandpa passed away, I inherited his old Olympus PEN camera from the '60s. I just play around with it and see what develops! Honestly, I don't even understand all of the controls. :P I love it, but disposable cameras are my all time favorite because there are only two controls. One for the flash and one to take the photo. It can't get more simple than that! My goal is to always have one around so that I can capture those silly, sassy, cool, weird and hilarious moments. I love the imperfections in each photo - a little out of focus, slightly out of the frame, underexposed, specks of dust, etc... the imperfections are perfect. The best part is shuffling through the developed photos for the first time and remembering the moments!

Here's a few pics of my adventures in Los Angeles.
(the weird overlay is from a camera from Urban Outfitters, I prefer the OG disposables)


our apartment's parking garage.


a shop on Hollywood Blvd.


Franklin Ave.


33°50'59.6"N. 116°33'57.5"W.


"the colorful hotel in Palm Springs".