Hair Revival with Usmooth


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Being a blonde can be rough. It's true when hairdressers say there is a "blonde language". Only blonde's speak blonde - only we notice the brassy tones, shades of different blonde highlights and the typical breakage in each other's hair. If you're a brunette, you just can't level with us. Achieving that perfect platinum is a difficult task to reach and we put in some serious time and effort to achieve it. Remember my 7 Products Every Blonde Should Know post?

The downside of striving for the perfect blonde is all the damage our hair picks up along the way. I've always kept mine short to avoid serious breakage and fried ends. I used to blow dry my hair straight 3-4 times a week but I've been trying to minimize my blow dry time. My hair is naturally wavy on my under layers and dries straight on top, so I have to give it a little curl! I actually use a straightener to add wave to my hair instead of a curling iron. If I use a curling iron or a wand, I legit end up looking like Shirley Temple. It's bad (lol). The 1' Styling Iron from USmooth is my new OBSESSION. Seriously, it's the best! The size is perfect, my hair never gets caught in the flat iron and it has titanium plates to give your hair slip. Best part? It uses infrared heat so it penetrates your strands quickly, meaning less damage!!

I tried out the Revive Shampoo + Conditioner and loved both of them! My favorite thing about these products is that they don't strip all the good oils out of your hair. They smell amazing and leave you feeling clean without that dry, itchy feel. I was not such a big fan of the Plump Thickening Lotion because it left my hair feeling a little sticky. My strands tangle easily so I really need products that give my hair slip. This would be a great product for someone with more coarse locks! 

This post is sponsored by USmooth.