Here's to 2017!



Happy New Year's Eve Eve! Wowie, 2016 was quite a whirlwind. We graduated college, moved to LA, started working like big girls and re-launched M+L. There was so much change in our lives, we're not sure what we would have done without one another! We're lucky to have each other's backs.

Ok. So... we were bad. Meep. Target got us real good. It's impossible to go to Target and just get toilet paper... A unicorn banner, a white Christmas tree, marbled wall art, a fluffy jacket and two NYE jumpsuits later, we ended up at checkout with Martha signing up for a Target Red card. But seriously, how cute are these jumpsuits?! When they caught our eye, we realized they're perfect for New Years! 

 2017 goals: Become major girl bosses, achieve a healthier lifestyle, venture out to the desert, create more content for M+L and meet some bad ass people! 

Have so much fun celebrating and be sure to wear all the glitter you can! Peace out 2016.


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