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Update: I fell in love with Laguna Beach this week. Lyuda and I met our photographer to shoot there and it is just the sweetest little beach town. LA is great, but I crave the quiet, small town feel. It was a serene feeling to be standing in such a breathtaking place here on the West Coast. Not to mention it's the hometown for MTV's Laguna Beach, so our middle school selves were pretty damn happy. And yes, we listened to 'Coming Clean' by Hilary Duff (haaaa). 

Also this week! I found a women's watch I actually love! I've always liked the idea of a sharp watch but have never found the perfect one for me.  JORD watches has taken a spin on the classic watch by switching out metal for a variety of wood materials. I'm wearing the Frankie series in dark sandalwood and emerald. The emerald face is sooo pretty in person! Depending on the light, it either gives off a dark green sheen or a deep aqua color. 

JORD is great because they give you the whole low-down on the watch you're interested in. You can find out sourcing sustainability facts, how to care for your specific time piece and all the deets on the tree your watch originated from (even how tall the tree is!). I really like that all the watches are unisex... I might just "gift" this one to my boyfriend when I'm done with it. :) 


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