I <3 YOU

I found this DIY on Pinterest. Shocker, right?! It was meant to be a Valentine's Day decoration, but I plan on keeping this up past Love Day. I tweaked a few things so here's my take!

Geometric Heart Decoration

What you need:
• 10 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper

(I used 4 light pink, 3 hot pink & 3 striped)


•Sticky tack

•Measuring tape or level 

1. Fold your 12x12 scrapbook paper in half so that it forms a triangle. Be sure you make a defined crease. Unfold & now cut your paper diagonally following the crease. Repeat this step with the rest of your paper.

2. I mapped out a quick sketch of what color paper I wanted each piece to be so that I could just slap it on the wall quick & easy. Not necessary, but makes sure your colors/patterns are spread out.

3. Take a tape measure (a level works if you have one) & mark a few lines horizontally on the wall so your heart won't be tilted.

4. Take a small piece of sticky tack & put it on each corner of the individual triangle.

5. Line up the top of the paper of the 2nd row of the heart to your horizontal marks on the wall. I started here so that I could have a starting point to fill in the rest of the pieces. Then you just put it together like a puzzle!

And...wooooop there it is! 
A super inexpensive, quick & easy DIY to get you in the lovin' mood!