It's National BFF Day!


Yes. National BFF Day is a thing, duh! It's the perfect holiday & reminder to let your besties know just how much you love them! We teamed up with Daisy Natives for a MAJOR giveaway for you and your besties. I mean, how adorable are these t-shirts?! Head over to our Instagram to enter. Let us know who your bestie is & why they are the solid rock(star) in your life.

We've been BFFs going on 11 years. We're not your typical mushy, girly best friend duo. Our friendship is so special because we never fight (seriously, we've only gotten in 1 real fight ever). Blogging is our way to creatively collaborate. We both pay attention to different details and do an awesome job of balancing each other out.  We have so much fun (at all times) and know the universe put us both in the same math class in 7th grade for a reason! 

We're going to get a bit gooey here and tell you guys why we're besties!

Martha: Lyuda is my favorite human because she is such a thoughtful & caring friend! She's the kind of person that is always watching out for you and has got your back if anyone takes a jab at her bestie. Plus, she is THE funniest person I've ever met. Seriously. Lyuda's variety of hilarious accents and strange dance moves get me everytime. And, she just gets me.

Lyuda: It’s funny that Martha & I are besties because we’re somewhat opposite. She’s truly the ying to my yang! She’s my bestie because she always has the best can-do attitude, a smile on her face and she always laughs at my hilarious jokes. (They’re really not that funny tho.) She has killer style and inspires me everyday. Every brunette needs a blonde best friend & this chick is mine for life!


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