On the Fringe

I've been thinking a lot about how I present myself in this day and age of style blogging. Today there are thousands of bloggers. Plenty of us present very similar content, content that is perfected to a T. Let's think about this... a flawless Instagram feed (no one's life is that picture perfect), a flat lay that took 75 takes before getting the Insta-worthy one, heels (you know we don't really wear those things all day), a full face of makeup... the list goes on and on. What I'm getting at is, at what point do we lose our spark and fall into this trap of perfection?

My favorite bloggers are the ones who let their personality fly freely! They share their flaws and silly moments of their day, but still put out great content. We love them because they create a more personal connection with us by being themselves. 

With that, I wanted to share a look that is "me" and something I would wear any day of the week. I like to stick to shorts and T's for everyday wear. I've invested in two pairs of One Teaspoon shorts this summer and I seriously live in them now. They are so comfortable and work great for my body type. secret: I love silly sweatshirt tops like this - I always feel silly spending money on them, but end up wearing them all the time. I like this one because it has the fringe detail, which makes my outfit look more put together. For everyday, I like to dress up these simple looks with easy accessories like this Vans hat (also great for covering greasy hair, haaaah).

More easy, everyday looks like this one are more to come!

Photography by @the.photogrpher | website