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Carmel, IN ➝ Los Angeles, CA

As we embark on this new chapter of our lives in Los Angeles, it only made sense to refresh and "re-launch" Martha + Lyuda. We've been blogging since December 2013. Now, it's (almost) 2017 - we're college graduates and we're ready to take on the fashion world!

We've dreamt about this day foreeever! For real though, we used to have sleepovers when we were freshmen in high school and talk about the day we would become "adults". We blabbed on and on about how cute our apartment would be, the amazing jobs we would have and the city we'd live in.

If you want to be successful in the fashion industry, it's almost necessary to move to a big city. For us, it was always between NYC and LA. We loved the idea of New York, but living in a concrete jungle was a scary thought. LA has the best of both worlds. You have the city life, the beach, the desert and plenty of hills (Runyon Canyon is conveniently close to us) - all just a short drive away. And of course the weather!! It's always sunny and rarely colder than 50ª, which really means... it's always a good time for a blog photoshoot. The major downsides... traffic, noise pollution and cockroaches (gross to even type that word). 

Leaving home right after college isn't easy. We miss so many things about the Midwest - our families, the slow life, no traffic, fall... it goes on and on. But for us, there is no better time than now to follow our dreams. It's a bittersweet sacrifice, but we can't imagine it any other way. 

LA is a dreamland. There is endless diversity and opportunity here. You can be anyone you want to be and no one thinks twice about it. We still can't believe we actually made it to the West Coast! It's the perfect place for us at this current stage of our lives. We have so many aspirations and can't wait to turn them into reality...