Romping Around



I attempted to get this post live yesterday... but I should've known better because it was Cinco De Mayo!! Instead I spent the evening drinking margs with new friends, in festive outfits of course. I'm now desperately fighting the urge to sleep all day because it's so cloudy outside! Like, wha?! C'mon LA, it's the weekend & you've cancelled my plans to bask in the sun all day! I'll just have to reminisce on the day we shot these looks with our lovely photographer, Maya. It was the most ideal "California" day. The kind of day you dream about before you move to the West Coast. Sunny, calm, breezy, smiles, banana bikes, ocean waves - gaaah, dreamy! And what more perfect occasion to wear than your favorite little romp on a day like this? I love the light, flowy fabric and faded stripes. I'll be wearing this outfit on repeat this Summer. 

BTW, white boots? Best purchase decision ever. They're so easy to clean and add a bold pop to all your Summer looks. This double horn necklace has also been one of my favorites. It always seems to be just the final touch I'm craving! I found this one on a little etsy shop for under $40!