Sweet Summertime



Hi loves!! Summer is in the air, it's beach waves n' salty skin season. I'm feeling like keeping this one short and sweet because it's Saturday. Also, HALLELUJAH for 3-day weekends. I live for that shit. I'm hanging at sweet home Indiana this week... it is so funny to go between here and Los Angeles. The two couldn't be more different from one another, it really feels like a "staycation" being at home. When you live in the midwest, or in a generally suburban area for awhile, you start to take advantage of all the nature, green grass, the cleanliness, quiet mornings and lack of traffic. It's nice to wake up to chirping birds but part of me misses the freakish LA honking? Who have I become?! I'm just glad it's no longer freezing in the Midwest. It's sweet summertime and I'm officially whipping out everything white and lacey that I own (80% of my wardrobe), like this little Tobi tank. Isn't it the cutest? I love how the flared silhouette of the top pairs with the bell bottoms. I've been feeling the exaggerated lines and silhouettes we're seeing this season! Also, here's a little tip, this choker is just a simple bandana scarf folded up to wear like a choker!


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